Video announcement of our eBook: How to create Multitenancy Cloud Framework

We are pleased to announce an eBook: "How to create a Multitenancy Cloud Framework" It’s for any type of business solution which is based on Microsoft technologies.

This book will be extremely useful for companies who don’t do any inside the development and outsource everything to other companies. It also will be helpful for startups that want to be sure an application will be stable and scalable. 

After years of implementing successful solutions for well-known customers, our strong team has put all the best architectural practices and concepts together – and now we’re announcing a book: "How to create a Multitenancy Cloud Framework" for any type of business solution based on Microsoft technologies.

Here are some important sections in the Book:

- General Solution Architecture
- Multitenancy architecture
- Functional customization
- Access to the database & ORM
- Transient Fault Handling
- Caching
- Security and authentication
- Validation engine/ Business rules
- Transactions audit
- Users/Roles/Permissions
- Exception handling and logging
- Bulk operations handler
- Notifications (mail sender)
- “One click” switch mechanism from PaaS to IaaS (on premises)
- Workflow framework
- Versioning and database project

Along with everything mentioned above we are going to share some more important points about Azure.

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