Business Intelligence Architecture

BI architecture 

We will review BI architecture for more details and keep delving into the details of BI solution with a list of interesting BI architecture designs that we want to share.

In our previous post we have described optimization of the ETL process in one of our BI solutions for leading insurance brokerage company. In that article we have slightly covered a subject of Business Intelligence architecture. So here are more details:

The case

We are implementing big enterprise solution with a large amount of member for one of our customers – currently this is around 400 000 members in the system and it started to grow very fast since we started to upload more and more customers to the system. One of the very next tasks – were to build up to date Reports that will provide different statistics and reports.

For example – Total premium report, Gender report (Count of Males and Females in system), New Employee Additions to the system Report and so on.

Calculate all that numbers and reports in real time once user will go to Report section – will be slow operation and it will use SQL Server very hard. As per specification – no need to calculate it in real time and this is Ok if we will provide a report with system state actual to the previous date. We decided to implement BI reports.

We received very good specification (Reports Specification) and started think how to implement BI architecture in the best way:

BI Reports Specification
 Reports Specification