Convert List to DataTable

This post is related to the previous one - List instead of DataSet, with the ways how to convert DataTable to List.

Another side

However, it could be the case - when you need to do backfire - convert List to DataTable

For example, it could be useful when you are working with Syncfusion and want to export your list to Excel document. This Syncfusion framework does the method that will export a list to Excel. We just have:


  •  ImportArray
  •  ImportDataColumn
  •  ImportDataTable


But there are no methods that will get as input parameter some List and return to Excel in the result.

So we have created an extension method for List that allows us to convert List to DataTable. It is very useful. You can work in your solution with List. And just in the end when you want to export that List to Excel - you can call the method that will convert your List to DataTable. The code is very simple: