Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gave recommendations for our insurance product

We were glad to thank Satya Nadell that he found time to meet with us during the meeting with SMB's in Dubai. He is very talented from management and technical perspectives and our team was quite excited to hear good technical questions from him. Satya is doing a lot of comparison with Steve Jobs points of view about UI/UX. It was very crucial for us to get some recommendations of how much we should pay attention to Design. Along with that got an understanding of future Microsoft plans about Azure and new datacenters around the world.Diceus and TeamBase jointly are working many years developing large and flexible solutions in the insurance industry.

One of our product is BenefitNetFlex, which is a unique tool for insurance companies, brokers, hr's and employees to make a selection and administer flex benefit choices of the employees.


Add Windows Azure Web Role to your MVC project

The June 7th update to Windows Azure introduced two new services (Windows Azure Websites and persistent VMs), or Web Role and Worker Role:

Azure Web Role and Worker Role

Image 1 – Web Role and Worker Role


In this article I will show you how to add new Web Role to your project. As a project we will use simple MVC 4 application. I am using Visual Studio 2012. In second image we can see a tree of our new MVC 4 application: