Diceus Praised by Several Clients for Development Services – Clients Share Their Experience in Detail

Diceus was recently awarded strong review ratings on developer reviews site, Clutch.co.

We’re pleased the share the results of a series of interviews conducted by Clutch with our clients. Clutch is an independent ratings and reviews site based in Washington, D.C. that covers top companies in web and app development. We feel honored by the results. Each of the 30 ratings from 6 clients have been 4 out of 5 stars or higher! In fact, almost all the ratings we received were the maximum 5 stars. More important than just the rating, was hearing from our clients about their perspective on our partnerships.

One client uses a team of our developers as an extension of his automotive software and digital marketing company. The managing partner there, who preferred to remain anonymous, said of his Diceus team, “I have a lot of respect for these guys and like them personally as well.” Thanks – we like working with you, too! We started with a small project with this company and have since grown a close-knit partnership.

Another client, Phil Reynolds of Britecore, shared how we saved his company tens of thousands of dollars! While describing our nearly-delivered project compared to his team’s internal estimates he said, "I was looking at an estimate in the $100,000 range, but Diceus is likely to wrap the project up for around $60,000." We love saving people money!

Go to the Diceus reviews page on Clutch to check out these reviews and several others from our ecstatic clients. We really want to thank the clients that conducted reviews and all our clients who have given us the opportunity to serve them. If you want to learn more about how we were evaluated, check out Clutch. You can also find more about our awesome clients and projects by looking at snippets from our portfolio.


Dedicated Developer Or Freelancer: Which one to hire

1. Expertise

A significant difference is the level of their knowledge.

There are numerous factors which make a dedicated developer more vital than a freelancer. For example, dedicated developers have background working with a horde of clients on various projects. Even freelancer developers work with multiple clients on different projects. But, the level of expertise of a dedicated developer is greater than a freelancer, because they possess professional experience working with an agency.

An individual freelancer developer might not have the knowledge to work in all the areas. While choosing a dedicated developer can, as the agency will have many experts with hands-on working experience. After all, you need a right specialist who will have a lot of experience on the type of app you want to develop.

A company has multi-faceted developers operating as a team, and it 's hard to replicate this experience as a freelancer. 

When hiring a developer from a company, a client has the option to interview and select the best developer from a resource pool based on business requirements. Based on the engagement model selected, dedicated developers work on exclusively on client project only. On the other hand, most freelancers work on multiple projects simultaneously. A single freelancer will not be able to match up the talents of a multi-faceted team of an agency.

2. Availability of the resource

No matter who is available and who isn't. When you hire a developer from the agency, they will assure that your project will be done as it has been promised. Also though the person who was developing your project fall ill or somehow unable to complete the project, the agency will submit it to the other expert who can get it drawn up on schedule. So, you don’t have to worry regarding the availability of the developer.

3. Security

Security is one of the major issues when not doing in-house development. It encompasses multiple measures such as protecting ideas, critical data, business secrets, and most importantly their trust. We cannot say that only a dedicated developer will offer clients a secure environment and freelancer won't. We can confirm you that a dedicated developer is more reliable because he will be working within a named development company.

To organize a dedicated development team, you need to invest time and energy, but the result deserves it. Whereas freelancers are the easiest way that works well in some cases, most projects require the complete involvement of a dedicated developer.


Video announcement of our eBook: How to create Multitenancy Cloud Framework

We are pleased to announce an eBook: "How to create a Multitenancy Cloud Framework" It’s for any type of business solution which is based on Microsoft technologies.

This book will be extremely useful for companies who don’t do any inside the development and outsource everything to other companies. It also will be helpful for startups that want to be sure an application will be stable and scalable. 

After years of implementing successful solutions for well-known customers, our strong team has put all the best architectural practices and concepts together – and now we’re announcing a book: "How to create a Multitenancy Cloud Framework" for any type of business solution based on Microsoft technologies.